"Plastic surgery cannot do
everything...PalsyPal® does something the surgeries couldn't."

About PalsyPal®

Lanfried Ortho Technology has created PalsyPal® for Bell's Palsy, Acoustic Neuroma, Stroke, and other sudden onset facial paralysis afflictions. There is nothing else like it in the dental field, and it works in most cases.

We strongly believe that dentists are important members of the medical teams that take care of patients stricken with the devastating physical, social, and psychosocial aspects of facial deformities caused by Bell's Palsy, Acoustic Neuroma, traumatic injury, brain surgery, cancer, stroke, and dental complications.

In the United States, dentists and physicians are presented with thousands of patients a year experiencing the damaging effects of facial paralysis.

Bell's Palsy affects approximately 64,000 Americans yearly. The palsy has a higher incidence in women during their 30s and 40s. This is the height of their working years. The sudden paralysis can last for months and, in many cases, is a permanent condition.